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Therefore, we want to warn all potential readers that the following recap of the most recent episode of The Saga of the Clan Saga contains a considerable number of such details that may fit the legal definition of “spoilers.” (See Korematsu v. Television Without Pity, 2005.) We realize there is much disagreement on this point, but we continue to believe that the best way to discuss an episode of a television show is to talk about what happened in it.

For those of you who have seen the most recent episode, please be advised that the writer of this recap included references to the series of books upon which The Saga of the Clan Saga is based. We are aware that many viewers have religiously read these books, but that not all you have. We’re also aware that many of you have read only some of the books, or read them while your attention was diverted, or may have thought you read the books but only dreamed you did.

We recognize that the events from the books alluded to in this recap may or may not be represented in future episodes and therefore may serve as spoilers. Please be advised that this will be especially true for those of you who have only read volumes 1 (“The Dragon-Scorch’d Plains”), 2 (“The Most Encarnadine Nuptials”), and 3 (“Prelude to the Afternoon of the Long Axes”). If, as many fans have, you chose to pick up the Saga from volume 4 (“The Blood-Soaked Plains of Samovar”), you may be safe, but we cannot vouch for this 100 percent.

If you have only read volume 7, it is imperative you DO NOT read this recap UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. We cannot stress this enough. If you do, you will understand immediately why we have warned you not to, but by then it will be far too late to atone for your horrible, horrible mistake.

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And now, without further ado, we present our recap of episode 507, “The One Where Wrathmire Kills Galdarf and Assumes the Throne, Only to Be Thwarted By His Bitterest Rival and Burned Alive”