Your Scratchbomb Analytics Update

Here are a few items of note about traffic to in the last month. Absolutely none of this is made up or exaggerated in any way. I’m presenting it because I constantly get SEO-related spam, and I’m hoping this will prove once and for all that this site has zero interest in improving the size and quality of its audience.

  • Despite a late surge from my Extreme Couponing post, the Scratchbomb piece with the most page hits is once again my recap of game 6 of the 1999 NLCS. This is bad in the sense that nothing I wrote recently tops something I penned almost two years ago, but good in the sense that I am hard at work at something closely related to that post (/vague)
  • Top five countries visiting Scratchbomb: USA, Canada, UK, Philippines, India. That last one I kind of understand–considering there’s a billion people in India, from a purely statistically standpoint, any site should get a significant number of visitors from there. The Philippines has me stumped, but I’ll take it, and will also learn how to speak Tagalog.
  • On the low end of the scale: Two visits from Vietnam, and one each from Tanzania and Nigeria. Still looking for those first elusive page hits from China and North Korea.
  • Number one search term inexplicably remains “rip taylor,” with most of those hits generated by this almost-two-year old post (number three on the page hits charts). Your guess is as good as mine, folks.
  • Number two search term is now “studio 60 on roosevelt avenue,” which means I will NEVER stop writing these things.
  • Rounding out the top five search terms: “rapture”, “scratchbomb”, and “jeff kent.”
  • “steve phillips” has plunged all the way to #9, below “jersey city crank crew” and “jim dolan”.
  • Best search terms of the month (sic all spelling mistakes):
    • “does anyone know the song with the tune coco coco”
    • “extrene couponers eat shit”
    • “gary carter racist”
    • “how to write story about vanilla ice whose song ice ice baby into cape town in gravedigger theory”
    • “jamie farr shirtless”
    • “what else looks like a swastika”
  • Worst search term of the month: “chipper jones y’all”
  • Number 10 traffic source leading to Scratchbomb: Thanks, Canada!
  • Number seven search engine directing traffic to Scratchbomb: Yandex, the top search engine in Russia. Cπacибo, Poccия!
  • The fifth most popular browser used to view Scratchbomb is something called Mozilla Compatible Agent, which I’m pretty sure is a SkyNet product. Thanks, Terminators!

One thought on “Your Scratchbomb Analytics Update”

  1. Matt, I have 3 theories on the Philippines surge…nn1) They are THE most active country on the internet and social networks, trumping countries in the west. Plus, they’re the 12th most populous country in the globe (no birth control. while India’s billion explains that surge from a “purely statistical standpoint,” you can cite the catalyst for the surge to a high Filipino population density on Facebook.nn2) I went to a Filipino Festival on Madison Ave earlier this month, and I must say there were a LOT of pinoys in Mets gear. (This is a welcome change from me being the only half-filipino Mets fan in all of u00a0Boston.) While your blog isn’t exclusively Mets, maybe the Mets’ global branding is making its rounds on the archipelago. Besides, the Wilpons’ courageous leadership probably makes some folks sentimental for the golden Marcos years ( is probably the actual. My retweetings and links to Scratchbomb are actually being clicked on and read by somebody, and it’s all the Filipino folks (who I started following in order to get in touch with my otherwise obscured heritage) that are reading them.nnIn any case, hi, Matthew Callan! Love your writing and your work, and if you want to learn Tagalog, so would I!

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