Why Yes, I Do Have Time for Joint Pain

pain.jpgI’m a busy man with an active lifestyle. A lot of people count on me at my job. And a lot of people count on me at home. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have time for joint pain. On the contrary, I take time every day to have at least one crippling bout of arthritis.

Some guys my age slap on some Ben-Gay, others take prescription drugs. I even have a golf buddy who swears by acupuncture. Not me, though. I set aside an hour a day to make sure I can find myself beset with agonizing rheumatism flare-ups.

Because only when you’re in the midst of true suffering do you really know the complete limits of the self. Only then can you know exactly what you’re capable of, and how much you can withstand. Am I right, people?

Everyone’s coming and going so fast in this crazy, mixed up world of ours. Why not take time to smell the roses? Or, alternatively, to find yourself in the grips of searing agony?

Of course, joint pain doesn’t just come and go on command. That’s why I make sure to put myself in an extra-humid environment, like a sauna, or the Everglades. That usually gets my bones a-achin’!

And if that doesn’t work, I sit on my hands in a weird stress position, until the blood flow’s constricted and my fingertips turn purple. Just like Mistress Ilsa taught me.

Ever had your pinkies smashed with a stiletto heel? How do you know you don’t like it if you don’t try it?

Y’ever see Hellraiser? I have. Sixty times. Truly underrated film. I think it’s got a lot to teach us. Don’t you?

How ’bout whips? Is that something you might be into? If you’re not, that’s cool. Just sayin’ is all.

So remember to take some time out of your busy schedule for pain. Nine out of ten dominatrices recommend injuring yourself at least four times a week. Jump down a flight of stairs. Hold a lit candle to your groin. Or just cut yourself! It works for me.

Pain: It can’t stop you unless you stop for it.

This message brought to you by your local Winger’s and The Pain Council. SUBMIT.