Scratchbomb Bats a Thousand

My Spy Tech post from earlier today was, it turns out, the 1000th post ever at Scratchbomb. Let’s celebrate!

Technically, this site has existed in some form since 2001 (!). So there have actually been significantly more posts than 1000. Back in them days, I basically posted when I felt like it, and some of the posts tried to be quite artier and involved. I didn’t quite know what I was doing (even more so than now). The 1000 mark signifies how many posts I’ve done since switching to a bloggier format circa 2006.

Maybe if you guys are good, I’ll try and dig up some “gems” from the site’s Precambrian period, like an interview I did with Guy Picciotto many many moons ago (if I can find it). Until then, many thanks to all those who have read. To the rest of you, the back of my hand.