Holy Goddamn! Episode 1: The Origin Begins!

Holy Goddamn! Scratchbomb Radio officially returns today, and only slightly late! Episode 1: The Origin Begins! features Mark Rosetti, New York’s #1 sports talk show host* (*”New York’s #1″ is a trademark with no actual meaning real or implied.) You will also hear the mellowest metal DJ ever, and a spin of the rare (and dangerous) 1960s soul tune, “The Dip”! Plus, slightly more!

You can listen right here on this page, download using the link below, or subscribe to Holy Goddamn via iTunes here. Thank you for listening! If you like what you hear, give it a nice, shiny review it on iTunes! If you don’t, keep your bad attitude under yer hat, fella!

4 thoughts on “Holy Goddamn! Episode 1: The Origin Begins!”

  1. Da heck is dis nonsense? Huh? Dis scratchbomb fella is lawst. How many numbah one shows do youah have? ZERO! How many championships do youah have? ZERO! Weah youah inna famous tv commahcial? NO! nnI’m givin’ dis podcast da handwave, ok.nnhttp://bit.ly/lms7KI

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