Holy Goddamn! Episode 00: We’re Back! Mini-Sode

They said it couldn’t be done–and they were almost right!

Holy Goddamn, the official podcast of Scratchbomb.com, is about to return! It is in the process of returning! It will have returned very soon! And I will have set the record for the most obscure verbal tenses used in one paragraph!

Holy Goddamn will be a monthly thing featuring comedic nonsense that works better in audio form, as well as some hot beats and little snippets and whatever the hell else I feel like throwing in there. You can hear all about it in this introductory mini-sode, where I pretty say exactly what I just said in this post, only with slightly different words.

The for-real, full podcast is slated to launch May 19 or thereabouts, depending on time, tide, and the affairs of man. I shall have an iTunes link for handy-dandy subscribing quite soon. In the meantime, you can subscribe manually with this RSS feed, and listen/download below. Thank you for iTuning in!