Important Backhoe Update!

Yesterday, I wrote of the exciting saga of the Inefficiently Employed Brooklyn Backhoe, which was being used to haul bulk trash from one project to another. I must report another sighting this morning.

I didn’t see the backhoe’s route this time, but I spotted it waiting outside the same trash lot as yesterday, again laden with junk. The junk appeared to be an old mattress, an oversized cardboard box that once held a TV, and several broken chairs. The backhoe couldn’t pull into the lot with the dumpsters because a very large flatbed truck was backed into the lot already, attempting to load the dumpsters and haul them away.

So the backhoe sat in the middle of York Street, in the wrong lane, with its hazards on, waiting patiently for the flatbed to be done with its business. Which, by the looks of it, would take quite a while.

I tell ya, when I’m in charge, things are gonna be different around here.