This Season, Remember This Mantra

As I’ve already written, it’s been a rough winter for Mets fans. We don’t need to go through it all. No really, we don’t. But it’s okay to be happy about opening day/night. Really, it is. I promise.

Why? Because baseball just a damn sport. I love it and I’ve loved since I was a kid and in all likelihood I will continue to love it up until and including my grave, but seriously. Let’s keep things in perspective. If the Mets won eight World Series in a row, that wouldn’t appreciably change your life in any way. It would be pretty awesome, but let’s be honest: You wouldn’t have done anything. There is nothing more sickening than a fan who tries to lord a championship over another fan by crowing about what we did. No, they rose to the pinnacle of their profession. You sat on your ass and inhaled nachos while watching it on TV.

So as the 2011 Mets season embarks on its epic journey, I would suggest all of you take the advice given by Mr. Bill Murray in this clip from Meatballs. Repeat it to yourself in times of stress. It will help. Honestly, it will. Because in the final analysis. it just doesn’t matter. It just doesn’t matter. It just doesn’t matter. IT JUST DOESN’T MATTER.

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