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DO NOT HIRE THESE GUYS!!1! I called them up to bring a couch to my brother’s house and they spent the whole time braining each other with pipes. The bald one kept making these annoying noises, and when I politely asked him to stop, he dropped to the floor and ran around in a circle.

Drake Tungsten III ¦ 0 stars
Drenched my rich, elderly aunt with seltzer. She’s in the hospital with pneumonia now. ¦ 0 stars
These morons let my upright piano roll down a hill and hit a streetcar! I didn’t know streetcars still existed! ¦ 0 stars
One of them swung from my chandelier and landed in a sink full of dirty dishes. i really dont know what else i can say

Mary, Canoga Park ¦ 0 stars
Would not stop fighting for two seconds to actually do the job they were hired to do. Plus, the sound of them smacking each other was horrifying. Was I supposed to find this funny? Because I didn’t. ¦ 0 stars
not even playing, I swear to god if I see these guys again i will straight fuck them up. ¦ 0 stars
i told them to start with the kids’ rooms. the next thing I know, they’re having a pie fight. I’m pretty sure they brought their own pies.

Angry in Reseda ¦ 0 stars
an entire wall of my house is missing. when i screamed bloody murder about it, they just started hitting each other again. these people should be in prison. ¦ 0 stars
The one with the Pete Rose hair kept calling me a numbskull. What a bunch of assholes.

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