Garden State of Mind

Not too long ago, I participated in a music video shoot for the rock and/or roll Titus Andronicus, as did many like minded individuals. The video was directed by The Best Show on WFMU host Tom Scharpling (I may have mentioned him on this site once or twice) and, if his videos for Ted Leo and The New Pornographers are any indication, will be amazing.

The video is intended as a tribute to TA’s home state, New Jersey, so if you live West of the Hudson, you can pitch in on the video’s world premiere on Friday, April 29. Here’s the deal: Just email, and they will hook you up with all the info you’ll need to host the video on your site come Friday. This is ONLY open to people from Jersey, so folks who don’t live there need not apply (including me). (A few more deets can be found in this post at the band’s blog.)

I don’t know how you can prove your NJ bona fides, but I assume anyone reading this will honor the spirit of the project and not try any shenanigans. Don’t prove me wrong, k?