Amazin Avenue Annual: Now Available in Imaginary Form!

Do you like to read about baseball but don’t hate trees? Then you’re in luck! The Amazin Avenue Annual is now available via the Apple iBookstore. So if you have an iPhone, iPad, iPod, or some other Steve Jobs-approved device, you can use it to read the Annual in tiny, tiny type. In case you’re not aware, the Annual is a primer for the 2011 Mets season, with pieces by Joe Posnanski, Will Leitch, Jason Fry and Greg Prince from Faith and Fear in Flushing, Ken Davidoff, and many more luminaries. I’m in there somewhere, too.

If you purchase the eBook, you can get a 50 percent off coupon to purchase the print book from ACTA Sports. That way, you can waste both fossil fuels and paper. Win-win! Details on that exciting offer can be found here.

If you have some other eReader like Kindle or Nook, then TOUGH SHIT. Until later this week, that is, when I’m told the Annual will be available on both those devices. Sorry I was so harsh earlier.

If you read the Annual and enjoyed it, maybe give it a billion-star review on Amazon, how ’bout? And if you didn’t like it, maybe keep it under your hat. Here’s some hush money, don’t tell your mom I gave you this.

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