You May Now Resume Dipping Your Balls in It

I am having a supremely crappy day. I won’t go into details, because the details will not be compelling to anyone, I assure you. But this crappy day comes on the heels of several crappy days recently, so it feels a lot worse than an out-of-nowhere crappy day would. If that makes any sense.

But news like this alleviates the general crappiness just a little bit.

To be honest, I saw no more than 5 episodes of The State when it aired, because it was on MTV and I didn’t have cable. (Well, I had limited cable access via grandparents who lived next door, but I saved most of that precious access for MST3K and 120 Minutes.) But I saw it enough times to know it was pretty awesome. Any show whose theme song samples Nation of Ulysses doesn’t have to do much else to woo me.

It was always a show I wanted to explore further, because clearly it deserved exploring. Unfortunately, no one saw fit to make it explorable. The fact that it hadn’t been released on DVD for all these years is criminal.

But I guess the perpetrators of this offense have been tried, convicted, and executed, because The State will finally get a proper DVD set of its own. That is fantastic news for fans of The Funny.

Now, if the Mets could remember how to catch balls and run the fuckin bases, I’d really be in business.