Sean from Massapequa, on His Way to the Citi

seanfrommassapequa.jpgSean from Massapequa just texted me, and wanted me to inform all Scratchbomb readers that he will be tweeting throughout the evening as the Mets open up their new ballpark for the regular season. Last I heard, he still didn’t have a ticket, so I don’t know what to expect from his tweets. But if you want to see what transpires, follow him.

Speaking of which, I’ve already called the Opening Night Phenomenon an abomination in the eyes of god, and I think it’s doubly so that the Mets will inaugurate their new stadium with a night game. If anything opener should be a day game, it should be your first real game in your first real stadium.

Technically, the Mets didn’t have a much of a choice due to MLB rules that state a team can’t play a day game after flying from the West to East Coast. But that begs the question, why are the Mets playing the Padres in this historic game? Why not against a division rival? Or a former division rival, like the Cubs or Pirates?

The Mets are powerful enough in MLB, I would think, to make demands of The Almight Scheduler, if they chose to do so. They didn’t, so despite the league’s weird bureaucratic rules, I gotta lay the blame squarely on the Mets.

At least they didn’t push up the start time for a Flo Rida concert.