Martin Short Alert! Martin Short Alert!

I usually don’t announce impending events on this site, but I had to share this with the Interweb public. Tonight’s Best Show on WFMU will feature as its guest none other than Martin Short, SCTV/SNL alum and all-around funnyman extraordinaire. So tune in at 8 pm this evening. UNLESS YOU HATE HILARITY.

I imagine host Tom Scharpling will ask him many questions about Clifford, the aggressively weird/dark 1994 film starring Short as a crazed man-child and Charles Grodin at his grumpy best. This all-but-forgetten cinematic tour de force has been a running theme on The Best Show for several months now. All of Tom’s recent “guests” somehow manage to mention the same exact scene from it, regardless of whether it has anything to do with what they’re talking about or not.

The Academy must forever live with the shame that Mr. Short was not Oscar-nominated for this role.

However, I hope Tom also makes time to ask non-Clifford-related questions. I for one would love to hear exactly how The Completely Mental Misadventures of Ed Grimley got made–and when we can finally see this masterpiece on DVD, dammit. Now that The State has been preserved in digital form, Ed Grimley is the only outstanding piece of True Comedy still confined to the vaults.

This is as good a time as any to point back to a post I did a few years back about that brilliant cartoon, which starred the voice talents of other comedic giants like Joe Flaherty, Andrea Martin, and Jonathan Winters. Thanks to Roger Clemens, the YouTube clips no longer work. But if you never saw the show when it was on (and it would’ve been very easy for you to miss), I hope my humble post gives you a glimpse of its majesty.