Kids Mock the Darnedest Things!

Whilst catching up on a DVRed epsiode of Best Week Ever, The Baby had a mild-but-loud freakout. We paused the show at this precise moment so we wouldn’t miss any of the hilarity:

0419091916.jpgBut as we tried to calm The Baby down, she saw this screen and immediately erupted into hysterics. She squealed, “Daddy! Monster!” and made the claw motion sort-of displayed by Paul F. Tompkins.

We couldn’t restart the show because she thought this screen-freeze was so funny. Every time she saw it, she would laugh with childish fervor and say some variation of “Daddy, funny!” And when she would turn to see the TV screen once more, she’d break into insane laughter, as loud as the first time.

So thank you, Paul F. Tompkins, for making us laugh about weirdly paused screenshots. Again.