The Freeform Station of the Nation Still Needs You

As I stated in this post, WFMU is currently in the midst of its annual pledge marathon, and could sure use your help. I will be pitching in tomorrow from 3 to 6pm during Terre T’s show. She’s the first WFMU DJ I listened to many moons ago, and I still tune in every Saturday to hear her spin the best punk/garage/glam/psychedelia on The Cherry Blossom Clinic.

This year, a donation to her fine program gets you not only a CD with many rockin’ rarities which you will not find anywhere else on Earth so don’t even try, but also a special Cherry Blossom Clinic apron! And what could be more rockin’ than keeping your clothes free of flour while making a souflee?

So call tomorrow from 3 to 6 to donate to her fantastic show, and to WFMU. You might even get to speak to yours truly and have me ask you to repeat the spelling of your last name eight times. If you can’t wait for 24 hours, feel free to use the handy dandy pledge widget to your right. DO IT.