The Amazin’ Avenue Annual, She Has Arrived

Have you preordered your copy of The Amazin’ Avenue Annual yet? If you haven’t, it’s too late, because as of today, this tome is off the presses, just waiting to be purchased for realsies.

In case you forgot, this book isn’t just the only one you’ll need to steel yourself for the upcoming Mets season. It also has contributions from such esteemed writers as Joe Posnanski, Will Leitch, Jason Fry and Greg Prince of Faith and Fear in Flushing, Ken Davidoff, and many more. And also me. (I get billed under Many More.)

You now have no excuse to not own this thing immediately. Your purchase ensures that we will continue to be able to produce this volume every year, thus preventing the word “Annual” in the title from being bitterly ironic. So get on the stick, brothers and sisters.