Scratchbomb Status Update: Bent But Not Broken

So late last week, this site started performing erratically, when it performed at all. Faced with this crisis, I summoned all my strength and resolve and used it to completely freak out. I’d just spent an enormous amount of time migrating my site from one CMS to another, and the thought of having to do it all over was too gruesome for me to contemplate.

When I was done screaming and crying, I prevailed upon my webhost to move the site to a better server, which has now been completed. I’m able to use this site’s dashboard without trouble once again, and have added a few optimization plugins that should increase overall site performance.

The site appears to be functioning again for the reader, but if you find pages loading slowly or anything else similarly weird, please let me know. Here’s hoping this is the last such post for quite a while, and thank you for continuing to read despite the technical hiccups.