Inappropriate Walk Up Music: Danielson

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A few years ago, when I first started getting bit by The Best Show Bug, I decided to slowly work my way forwards through their archives. Listening to the first programs from way back in 2000 is a bit jarring. First off, no one was prepared for it. Very few people liked it. Most folks who called in wondered why Tom didn’t just play more music.

There’s one extremely early show, I believe only four or five installments into its existence, where technical issues and bad callers cause everything to go completely off the rails. Thus, a very large block of music is played to compensate. Within the midst of this music block, Tom spun a song by Danielson called “Flesh Thang.”

I’d never heard Danielson before. I don’t think I’d even heard of them. I was not aware there was a folksy-punkish band of devout Christians from New Jersey who liked to wear matching nurse outfits at shows and occasionally costumed themselves in nine-foot-tall trees bearing the symbolic fruits of the Holy Spirit. But this song burned itself on the surface of my brain, because it was so unlike anything else out there.

I wish I could point you to the Best Show Logs and tell you exactly which show had this song in it, but I’m afraid I goofed when doing my chronicling. My best guess it was played during the show from Halloween 2000 (but don’t quote me on that). What I do know is that if I saw a batter stroll up to the plate as this plinky, bizarre, earnest tune blared out of stadium speakers, I would either burst out laughing or stand and applaud.