Hot Dog! We Have a Wiener!

Amazin Avenue CoverI am pleased to announce that the winner of the first ever Scratchbomb trivia contest, and the recipient of a copy of the brand new Amazin’ Avenue Annual, is WFMU’s own Evan “Funk” Davies. He correctly guessed that the first ever batter I saw step up to the plate in a major league game was the immortal Keith Miller.

As I implied in the initial post, the answer was hinted at deep within the Scratchbomb archives. In this post from way back in 2007, I revealed not only the date of the game (June 20, 1987), but also the detail that my family was unable to sit in our seats until the fourth inning. Miller came to bat with Mookie Wilson on first and nobody out. He promptly lined into a double play. That pretty much encapsulates my baseball-viewing life ever since.

I will give away another copy of the Amazin’ Avenue Annual as soon as I can think of a trivia question that is just as dumb.

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