You Make the Call!

vote.jpgI’ve been playing around with a few ideas for site features during the upcoming bases-ball season. Rather than pick one without any input like a fascist, I thought I should let you, the reader, choose, or at the very least influence my choice.

The first thought I had was to do a parallel, alternate reality season for the Mets. With Carlos Beltran and Jose Reyes already sidelined for god knows how long, things ain’t looking to good for the team already. But anything is possible once you use your imagination! So I would simulate the season one game at a time, in MLB10:The Show (which I just purchased) or the less high-tech option, Stratomatic. Or both. The video game version could be accompanied by screenshots of moments of triumph and tragedy–contrasted, of course, by whatever actually happened to the Mets that day.

But I’ve also given some thought to doing a 10-year retrospective on the 2000 season, as I did last year with 1999. I’m already on record (many times) in my belief that 2000 was vastly inferior to 1999, but I’m also willing to consider that I’m totally wrong. Maybe in re-examining that season, I’ll discover that it had charms that my fetishizing of 1999 have glossed over. Plus, The 1999 Project got a lot of good response, and I am nothing if not a crowdpleaser. I play to the rafters!

So folks, I need you to help me choose. Should I go for Alternate Reality Season, or The 2000 Project? Vote below to make your voice heard. Your input is needed immediately! Nothing, not even the Census, is so important!