The Collected Singles of Chubby Checker

chubbychecker.jpg“The Twist” (1960)

“Let’s Twist Again (Like We Did Last Summer)” (1961)

“Let’s Twist One More Time (Like We Did Two Years Ago)” (1963)

“It’s Been Four Years Since We Last Twisted (Shouldn’t We Do it Again?)” (1967)

“C’mon, Let’s Twist One Additional Time” (1968)

“(Would It Kill You to) Twist With Me Yet Again” (1969)

“I’d Like to Teach the World to Twist” (1971)

“Say It Loud (I Twist and I’m Proud)” (1972)

“U Kan Twist Gud” (featuring Slade) (1973)

“Do You Feel Like Twisting Once More? Is that Something You’d Be Interested In?” (1974)

“Disco Twist” (1977)

“New Wave Twist” (1979)

“Twist the System” (split 7″ w/Minor Threat) (1982)

“New Romantic Twist” (1984)

“Can You Believe It’s Been 25 Years Since We First Twisted?” (1985)

“26 Years of Twisting!” (1986)

“Lets See, 87 Minus 60…Yeah, It’s Been 27 Years Since ‘The Twist'” (1987)

“Grunge Twist” (from the soundtrack to Singles) (1992)

“New Jack Twist” (from the soundtrack to Cliffhanger) (1993)

“Baile El Twist” (featuring Carlos Santana and Rob Thomas) (1998)

“Twist2K” (2000)

“Twistin’ with Stan” (featuring Eminem) (2001)

“I Concentrate on You” (from Chubby Checker Sings the Songs of Cole Porter) (2004)

“50 Years of Twisting (And We’re Just Getting Started)” (2010)