Reminder: You Make the Call!

Last week, I posted a question to the general public about what baseball-related horrible waste of time I should work on this upcoming season. And the response has been underwhelming! Thus far, The Parallel Universe Fake Mets have the lead, but I’d like to get a few more responses so that we’re not forsaken by the trickery of small sample sizes. So please, vote! Your influence counts! Use it! (Thanks, Bob Grant.)

To recap, here are your choices:

The Parallel Universe Fake Mets: I will do a season for the Mets in either MLB10:The Show or Stratomatic (or both), contrasting it with what the actual Mets do on the field this year.

The 2000 Project: A lesser sequel to The 1999 Project. I’ve always theorized that 2000 was a far inferior season to 1999, but this project would attempt to challenge those prejudices.

You can also choose Both or Neither (I beg you, please don’t chose Both). Get to votin’!