Jim Bunning’s Heartless Bastard Streak Ends

bunning.jpgWASHINGTON, D.C.–Senator Jim Bunning saw his impressive streak of heartless bastardry end at just over five days, a new legislative record, late Tuesday night. Since last Thursday, the Republican from Kentucky had single-handedly held up legislation that would extend unemployment benefits to millions of Americans. The streak was made even more remarkable by Bunning’s age, and the fact that he did it for no obvious reason other than to be a colossal prick.

The exhausted congressman told reporters in the Senate locker room, “I think I even surprised myself for a while there,” shortly before flipping the bird to each one of them individually.

“I think some of us questioned his stamina,” said House Minority Leader John Boehner. “After all, Jim’s no spring chicken. But to be that much of a cruel, insensitive jerkoff for that long…wow, I think I’d have trouble doing that.”

The previous record of consecutive prickitude was held by President William Howard Taft, who refused to let relatives of victims of the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire bury their family members for four full days. “I shall not reward these insolent whelps for leaving their appointed posts before nine hours of work, fire or no fire,” Taft said.

While Bunning’s streak did not cause quite as much misery, it did last for a longer period of time and show a similarly callous disregard for human life. For the purposes of legislative records, a stretch of dickery can’t simply be waged for mere personal reasons, such as greed or ambition. The pure assholery must have no seeming purpose except to promote suffering.

Before his career in public service, Bunning was a major league pitcher whose exploits on the mound earned him a plaque in Cooperstown. He was best known for pitching a perfect game in 1964, which he later credited to a lucky glove made of orphan skin and the tears of Vietnamese refugees.