Good Guys Continue to Win in 2010!

goodguys.jpgLet this post serve as another friendly reminder that the WFMU Marathon is spinning along, and the station still needs your help!

The goal for this year’s marathon is $1.2 million. As of this writing, they stand at about $500K. So there’s still a tough road to hoe. Anything you can contribute will be greatly appreciated.

How much do I believe in this cause? I’ve actually altered my site to include an Insta-Pledge widget over there to your right. Now, you don’t even have to leave this fabulous webbed site to show your support! (If you want to alter your own site in such fashion, go here.)

The mere fact that you can aid such a fabulous cause should be reason enough to do so. But a pledge of $75 or more entitles you to at least one DJ premium, which are all amazing, full of stuff you can’t get anywhere else, and will bring you hours of amusement.

Case in point: I just rediscovered an unbelievable CD that Terre T gave out as her DJ premium way back in 2003. It features live performances from a plethora of bands who played on her show: The Dirtbombs, Corba Verde, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Electric Eel Shock…there is nothing not awesome on this collection, and none of it can be found anywhere else.

Where can you find this CD now? YOU CAN’T. Unless you have a time machine and can travel back in time and pledge to her show, which would be an excellent use of a time machine (right after you killed Hitler, of course).

What I’m saying is, do you want to look back on your life without regret? Pledge now, get these premiums, and lord it over your less savvy friends in the years to come.

I heartily recommend you tune in to tonight’s installment of The Best Show, because–well, I’d recommend doing that every Tuesday night. But on this Tuesday, if you pledge, you won’t just receive this year’s Chump Steamroller Fun Pack, which includes a bumper sticker, Best Show trading cards, and a DVD whose participants and contents are far too awesome to recount here.

No, as if all of that weren’t enough, a pledge tonight puts you in the running for a number of fabulous additional prizes. Like what? Oh, how about the entire Monty Python Complete Series DVD set AUTOGRAPHED BY TERRY GILLIAM?! Seriously, how about that, nerds? I can actually hear 12-year-old me getting a boner over the very thought of such a thing.

And if Monty Python ain’t your bag, there’s also a fabulous set of rare, rare, super rare stuff from Boston Spaceships (Robert Pollard of Guided by Voice’s current deal), which includes (among many other things) a 7″ test pressing. How rare are those? That rare. (I’m holding my arms out very far.) You can’t get a test pressing of anything unless you’re in the band, produce the band, or sleep with the band. Pledging is a much easier means of acquiring this thing.

Oh, and there will be fabulous celebrity guests in studio, of course: Patton Oswalt and John Hodgman, who will contribute live hilarity to the festivities (Patton’s peformance as The Famous Flamer during the 2008 is one of the funniest pledge drive come-ons you will ever hear).

If you don’t tune in, you will miss awesome stuff such as what happened last week, when Ted Leo played a few songs from his brand new album The Brutalist Bricks (out today!). He also sang a duet with frequent Best Show caller/Newbridge’s biggest cannabis enthusiast, Bryce, on “We Built this City on Rock and Roll”.

Your country needs you. Your airwaves need you. So don’t think about it, DO IT!!!!!!