What’s In a Name? Laughs Galore!

I have no idea how this escaped my notice until now. No matter. All you need to know–if you didn’t know it before–is that MLB is hosting a Moniker Madness tournament on its minor league site. A field of 64 players toiling away in the minor leagues has been assembled to determine one thing: who has the most hilarious name in professional baseball?

MLB says, “the best name”, but obviously in this context best = most chuckle inducing. They’ve conducted this tournament for the last three years. Again, I have no clue how I missed this before. But I ain’t missing it this time.

Who will win: Chia-Chu Chen? Callix Crabbe? Lovesquiz Santana? Arquimedes Euclides Caminero? Insiders tell me the smart money’s on Sundrendy Windster.