Give ‘Til it Hurts So Good!

goodguys.jpgThe Freeform Station of the Nation, WFMU has begun their annual marathon. So give ’em some money. Then, give ’em some more, because they’re pretty much the only radio station worth listening to in Ye Olde Tri-State.

I know I pimp The Best Show on this site all the time, but they have many, many fine programs worth your ear-time: Cherry Blossom Clinic with Terre T, Fool’s Paradise with Rex, Music to Spazz By, and much much much much more.

Last year, The Best Show had in-studio guests like Ted Leo, Ben Gibbard, and Patton Oswalt as “The Famous Flamer”. This year promises to be just as good, and the 2009 edition of The Fun Pack is face-meltingly awesome. So send ’em some change, folks. It all goes to making this area’s airwaves slightly more tolerable.