Two Years of the Best of the Best Show

bestshowgems.pngI would be remiss if I let this day go by without mentioning that it is the second anniversary of the Best Show Gems podcast. You’ve no doubt seen me prattle on about The Best Show on WFMU on this site (like last week, for instance). Best Show Gems is a “bite-sized” version of the show that appears biweekly, and contains some of the program’s most hilarious segments. If you’ve never listened to show, Best Show Gems is a great entry point into its hilarity and the mythology of the fictional town of Newbridge, New Jersey.

The podcast is curated by Martin Degrell, who does a great job and is also an awesome guy. And he hails from Sweden, thus proving that the greatness of The Best Show transcends oceans, continents, and language barriers (well, as long as you speak English).

Check out this week’s installment, a segment from 2003, when a man calls up offering to be host Tom Scharpling’s personal magician. You shan’t regret it.