Note to Self: Get Excited About Norm McDonald’s New Show

norm.jpgI am on record as digging the new sports/parody show Onion Sportsdome. There’s been wildly divergent opinions on this program on the interwebs. Some folks are extremely disappointed, others hate it. I think it occasionally borders on the genius, as both a pitch-perfect parody of SportsCenter and for being just plain funny, To each his own (even though I’m right).

However, there is plenty of room for more than one sports/comedy program, and there is certainly room for Norm McDonald to return to the television. That is why I was thrilled to find out (via @enosarris) that Mr. McDonald will soon be starring in just such a show on Comedy Central.

Evidently, the format is going to be very Weekend Update-y: live audience, Norm commenting on the sports news of the day. That’s fantastic, since he was easily the best Weekend Update “anchor” in SNL’s long run (though there are other ones I’ve enjoyed, of course). But most importantly, Norm McDonald will be doing stuff that people can see on a box in their homes, which has not been the case for a criminally long amount of time.

I have no doubt this show will be amazing. But my hope is it will be just as uncomfortably funny as Norm hosting the ESPYs back in 1998.