Amazin Avenue Annual Available for Acquisition!

Thumbnail image for AAACover.jpgAnd now a dispatch from the endeavors of Real Me.

The Amazin Avenue Annual–to which I am contributing–is now available for preorder via ACTA. As Amazin Avenue head honcho Eric Simon explains, ordering it this way means more $ for the site and for the publisher, which in turn assures that we’ll be able to continue producing this tome each year. So if you can spare the shekels, consider buying it in this fashion, as opposed to saving a few pennies at Amazon. Sound good? Good.

Once again, if my prose is no draw, consider purchasing your own copy for the writing of such giants as Joe Posnanski, Will Leitch, Faith and Fear in Flushing’s Jason Fry and Greg Prince, and many more. And if you’re curious about what I do have in this volume, I wrote an expanded, ginormous post-mortem on the 1999/2000 seasons (which I’m a bit hung up on, in case you hadn’t noticed). I also have a piece on Met Killers: are they really as Met-Kill-y as we think? Only one way to find out! READ THE BOOK.