Youtubery Friday: Louis C.K.

It’s Friday! Procrastinate and countdown to happy hour with these lovely bits!

Louis C.K., one of the funniest dudes out there right now, has a new sitcom in the works (Louie), which will debut in April on FX. Yesterday, I finally saw a brief ad for it. It’s not much, but it’s enough to get me all a-flutter.

I’m glad that this is coming out now, because his last sitcom (Lucky Louie) was unceremoniously canceled by HBO after only one season. (And yet they keep reordering that piece of bro-garbage, Entourage? What the shit?!) And as this video indicates, that cancellation nearly drove him to a very different career path.

Why do I love Mr. C.K. so much? Because he delves into the darkest corners of parenthood, in excruciating detail. As he does in this clip where he discusses the difference between boys and girls.

Or in this clip, where he talks about the horrible frustration that ensues when your child refuses to eat. YOU’RE ON THE GRID! JUST PUT IT IN YOUR FACE!

And because he also makes delightfully silly videos like this.