Tiger Woods Is Ready for His Apology

tigerwoods.jpgThank you for coming today, selected members of the media. I called you here because I trust you, and I know you can speak and act on behalf of your fellow journalists. So without further ado, I want to announce to you and the rest of the world that I’m ready for my apology. Yes, I am ready for all of you to apologize to me.

You know how Babe Ruth used to go drinking and whoring all the time? Yeah, you know that now, but you didn’t know that when he was playing. Imagine if you found that out in 1930-whatever. That shit woulda ruined your world.

That’s what you guys did with me, to children worldwide. So, thanks for that.

And while you’re at it, apologize to the sport of golf, ’cause you guys ruined that, too. Before me, you know who the biggest star in golf was? No, you don’t, because NOBODY FUCKING WATCHED GOLF BEFORE ME. Except the oldest and richest douchebags. Nice demographic to have, huh? Golf really nailed it with people that everyone else on Earth hopes gets hit by a bus.

Here’s a history lesson: biggest star in golf before I showed up was John Daly. John Fuckin’ Daly. Have you seen that guy? Jesus. It’s like if Rex Ryan and Billy Carter had love child born without an essential chromosome. If that guy died in a bar fight or a meth lab explosion, would you be the least surprised?

How many women did I fuck? As many as you would if you were the most popular athlete in the world. Did I cheat on my wife? That’s between me and my wife. Oh wait, no it isn’t, because YOU ASSHOLES THREW MY DIRTY LAUNDRY OUT IN THE STREET.

I will accept an apology from one appointed representative of the press, in either written or oral form. You may lay any tributes or offerings on the altar to my right.

Those of you on my shit list–and you know who you are–if you wanna get back on my good side, you’re in luck! Today’s the first day of Ass Kissing Season! Line forms at my rear, boys.