Messing with the Mess-With-Able

I hate to post about another thing I discovered on the Friends of Tom forum…

Wait, no I don’t. Because I’ve found some awesome things in its depths, like the Burt Reynolds and Friends Museum. My latest (third-hand) discovery (via Erik in Portland): Craigslisting, a site wherein one man jerks around the denizens of the eponymous online classified site.

I’m not big on Big Public Pranks anymore. I used to be very much into them, but now I don’t like it when more-or-less innocent folks are subject to the jackassery of random strangers. I feel like pranks should be directed at people who deserve them, not, say, Best Buy employees who are just trying to do their jobs.

But the victims of the Craigslisting pranks go so willingly into the woodchipper that you can’t help but think they deserve it. Like the guy who wants to trade an Outback gift certificate for a pack of smokes, and who actually seems to believe that Outback has their own brand of cigarettes.

I won’t spoil any of the rest. Just read and enjoy.