Holy Goddamn! 003 – The Unprounceable Band of the Year

Holy Goddamn! returns to the virtual airwaves. In episode 003, I recount my adventures hassling lead singers, and I’m joined by the writer behind music blog Robot Island, who clues me in on what I missed musically in 2008.

What more could you want? Yeah, I have that, too. All of it.

Holy Goddamn! 003 Setlist

Black Keys, “Strange Times,” Attack & Release
Cheap Time, “Push Your Luck,” Cheap Time
Life Detecting Coffins, “The Whores of Tel Aviv,” Catatonic Begat Napoleonic
The Make-Up “I am if…” I Want Some
The What Four, “I’m Gonna Destroy that Boy,” One Kiss Can Lead to Another (v/a)
Ike and Tina Turner, “Bold Soul Sister,” The Hunter (courtesy Doctor Mooney’s 115th Dream)
Spoon, “They Never Got You,” Gimme Fiction