Holy Goddamn! 002 – Brees of Change Meets the Dirty Lowdown

Holy Goddamn returns, a mere 2 weeks later as promised! Oh, you thought it would never last? Yeah, I know what you were thinking. Plus that other thing you were thinking. You sicko.

In this week’s episode, I expound upon a much-needed fairness doctrine for The Small Town Movie, and I have an exclusive in-studio interview with Bree Summers, editor of one of my favorite political blogs, BreesofChange.com. At least it was one of my favorite blogs before the interview. And as always, tunes I dig and soundclips that no one but me will think are funny.

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And just to clarify, this episode is not brought to you in any part by Winger’s. I don’t know how that guy keeps getting his stuff on my show. He must be like a vampire–invite him in your house once and it renders you defenseless.

Holy Goddamn! 002 Setlist

Ted Leo, “The Great Communicator,” Tyranny of Distance * get it
Black Lips, “Lock and Key,” live at Amoeba Records Hollywood (courtesy Rollo & Grady)
Jan Davis, “Snow Surfin’ Matador,” Jungle Exotica Vol. 1 (v/a) * get it
Don Agrati, “Hollywood Song,” Homegrown (courtesy Art Decade)
Jon & Robin, “You Don’t Care,” 7″ single (courtesy Office Naps)
Clinic, “Tomorrow,” Do It! * get it
Nation of Ulysses, “You’re My Miss Washington D.C.,” 13-Point Program to Destroy America * get it
Elvis Costello, “Night Rally,” This Year’s Model * get it