Warm Thoughts for a Cold Winter: Pitchersandcatchersreport.com

One of the most fun/excruciating parts of the baseball offseason is wondering just how many days are left until the season begins anew. Wonder no more!

Evan “Funk” Davies, the awesome WFMU DJ who spins every Tuesday at 11pm, alerted me via tweet to an extremely simple webbed site that will inform you exactly how much longer we must wait. The site is called Pitchersandcatchersreport.com, and it’s about as bare-bones as a site can get. But it does what it says: Tells you exactly how many days remain on the calendar before pitchers and catchers report to spring training. It also has countdowns for when all players report and Opening Day. So just bookmark that and keep checking it until the number hits 0.

In case you’re much too busy to look at the site (but not busy enough to read this one), as of today, there are 16 more days until pitchers and catchers report to spring training, 19 until all players report, and 67 until Opening Day. As my body thaws out from a walk-heavy commute in single digit wind chills, that is a warming thought.

UPDATE: As Mr. Davies pointed out in the comments, this site may be off (as in, it probably is). Unless they’re using some New Math I don’t know about. Whatevs. LET ME THINK IT’S ONLY 16 DAYS UNTIL SPRING TRAINING. TELL ME SWEET LITTLE LIES.