Joe and Troy Tell it Like it Is

buck2.jpgWe’re into the waning seconds of regulation in the NFC championship game, all tied at 28, the Vikings have the ball, and they are on the precipice of field goal range. Now…wait a second, Minnesota just received a penalty for 12 men in the huddle. That will cost them five yards of precious field position.
aikman.jpgJoe, that’s because Brett Favre is so focused on the game. A lesser quarterback might have noticed there were too many players on the field, but Brett has a one track mind, which is what you really need in a winning quarterback.
buck2.jpgI agree, Troy. Now the Vikings will try to get back into field range. Favre drops back, he’s got some room to scramble, but he decides to throw for some reason, and the pass is picked off by Tracy Porter. Do you think that was a good decision, Troy?
aikman.jpgAbsolutely, Joe. What you saw there was Brett Favre trying to make the big play. He thought he could bounce a pass right off of Porter’s helmet and into Bernard Berrian’s arms. That kind of circus catch would have taken the wind right out of the Saints’ sails. It didn’t work out, but you can not blame Brett for trying. You simply CAN NOT.
buck2.jpgIndeed, Troy. Brett Favre is not to blame here. Not for anything, ever. But that pick means we go into overtime. New Orleans wins the coin toss, so they will receive and try to drive down the field for the winning score.
aikman.jpgWatch Brett Favre watching the game on the sideline. That is the way a true champion sits and watches. Head up, looking at the action. Not to the side, or above or below, but at the action.
buck2.jpgYou wanna talk about a champion watcher, Brett Favre is every bit of that. Oh, and Garrett Hartley nails a 40-yard field goal to win the game for the Saints. Now, Brett Favre will rise from the bench and head down the tunnel into the locker room.
aikman.jpgThis is a player who KNOWS how to walk into a locker room. One foot in front of the other. We are watching a professional.
buck2.jpgIt is just a joy to watch him walk. He walks like a little kid out there! And now he’s in the locker room, and he’s taking his socks off. And he’s placed one of his socks on his right hand, and he’s talking to it. And now the sock is “talking” back to him, like a puppet.
aikman.jpgAgain, this shows leadership. I don’t know any other QB in the NFL who can talk to his socks like that. He is truly greater than Jesus.
buck2.jpgNow he’s popped the top off of a AA battery with his brute strength, and he’s pouring the battery acid down his throat. Do you think that was a good decision, Troy?
aikman.jpgI do, Joe. Most coaches in this league will tell you they don’t want their QBs ingesting caustic chemicals, as would most doctors and rational human beings. But Brett Favre didn’t get this far by listening to the so-called experts.
buck2.jpgWe’ll take a break. When we come back, live coverage of Brett Favre lying on the floor, convulsing and foaming at the mouth. And if we have time, a few shots of the team that is technically going to the Super Bowl.