Yes We Can (Create Unnecessary Work For Ourselves)!

Here’s the thing: I had planned to totally listen through the final MP3 of the first triumphant episode of Holy Goddamn!, but time conspired against me. Plus, I got a little anxious. So I posted it anyway, confident that nothing could possible be wrong with it (from a technical standpoint, anyway).

Of course, listening to it later, I discovered that the “final” MP3 had some weird digital noise attached to all of the spoken word bits. I didn’t really want to output a new file, but I found this noise way too distracting to let go. “Hey, that should be easy to remove” I says to myself.

*doodly-doodly-doo* Seven hours later, drenched in sweat and self-defeat, I finally removed this noise.

Unfortunately, if you’ve already subscribed to the podcast and want to download this episode, you will probably have to go into iTunes and unsubscribe. Then, once you’ve done that, click here to resubscribe.

Sorry to create extra work for alla y’all, but I promise this new version sounds much, much better. It doesn’t sound like I’m yelling through a kid’s Darth Vader voice box anymore. If you need proof, check out the original post and try out the Flash player to sample the improvements.

And if you notice anything else wrong in the podcast, GO TO HELL! I mean, please let me know.