Senate Democrats: Fixing Glitches

reid.jpgAlright, moving on with our Senate confirmations, what’s the deal with this Roland Burris fella from Illinois?

bobs.jpgThat’s a funny subject. Seems he was appointed by a disgraced governor, and no one ever told him that this was gonna be a huge issue. I don’t know how he couldn’t figure that out on his own. But anyway, we made sure the Illinois secretary of state didn’t sign his certificate of appointment.

reid.jpgSo we’re rejecting his appointment?

bobs.jpgNo, see, we fixed the certificate so that you can’t officially accept his appointment. So the problem’s fixed from your end. We try to avoid conflict as much as possible.

reid.jpgMm hm.
Later, in the Senate chamber:

burris.jpgExcuse me, I’d like to sign the roll book now, because I’m the junior senator from Illinois and…

reid.jpgYeah, Burris, we’re gonna need your office to put some old files, so I’m gonna need you to take your press conference on to the Capitol steps.

burris.jpgYes, but I was told that I would be a senator by the man with the crazy Richie Rich hair…

reid.jpgYeah, so if you could get on out of the Senate chamber as soon as possible, that’d be great.
/raps cubible wall with knuckles, walks away

burris.jpgOkay, so I’m go back to Illinois and burn Blogojevich’s house down.