Playoff Preview: Ravens at Titans with Ray Lewis

Today, we preview the weekend’s playoff games with a whole buncha celebrity guests. To discuss the exciting Baltimore-Tennessee matchup, here’s Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis, who agreed to talk with Scratchbomb as long as I didn’t broach certain subjects.

raylewis.jpgThis has to be a great season for the Ravens. No one expected you to do anything this year, and now you find yourself one win away from the AFC Championship game. How does that feel?

I always believed that we could cut through the competition in the AFC, ever since training camp, when I saw Joe Flacco firing those absolute daggers down the field.

He’s turned out to be quite a draft steal.

I bet there’s a lot of teams out there who feel like stabbing themselves for passing him up!

That’s a curious turn of phrase, but yes, I would think so. Of course, the backbone of your team remains the defense, with veterans like you and Ed Reed. How do you stay so fresh after so many years in the league?

I don’t know how you can’t stay fresh! This is the greatest job in the world! Every time I go out on the field, it’s like the first time I put on pads. I just wanna go out there and slash that offense to ribbons!

So how do you explain your continued success? Is it a strong work ethic or a rigorous training regimen?

Any success I have in my life, it all comes from my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Through Him all things are possible. When I let Him into my life, it was like I’d been stabbed in the soul with a 13-inch knife. But His knife filled me with love and forgiveness, rather than caused me to bleed to death from my carotid artery.

That’s some curious religious imagery.

Faith is a curious thing. To the faithless man, it may make no sense. But to those who believe, it’s an exhilirating, transcendent feeling. The only thing I can compare it to is, oh, I don’t know, stabbing two guys to death and totally getting away with it.

C’mon, you’re not even trying anymore!

It’s so hard, man, it’s so hard.

SB prediction: Ravens 24, Titans 12.