Joe Torre Meets Live With Larry King of the Living Dead

larry_king.jpgMy guest tonight is the former Yankee manager who led the Bronx Bombers to 6 pennants and 4 world championships. His new book The Yankee Years has stirred up quite a bit of controversy in the NY press, and tonight here’s here to talk all about it. Here he is, Joe Torre.

torre2.jpgThanks for having me on, Larry.

larry_king.jpgJoe, I’ve always liked you, because you’re a Brooklyn boy just like me. Did you grow up a Dodger fan?

torre2.jpgI did, as a matter of fact.

larry_king.jpgDo you remember an outfielder by the name of Pete Reiser?

torre2.jpgSure, I saw him play a few times.

larry_king.jpgBoy, he woulda had a great career if he’d a learned to stop running into walls!

torre2.jpgYeah, that was a shame.

larry_king.jpgHow about Dixie Walker? “The People’s Cherce!”

torre2.jpgHe was pretty good. Didn’t get along with Jackie Robinson, though…

larry_king.jpgYou remember Dolph Camilli? Hell of a ballplayer.

torre2.jpgI know the name. He was a bit before my time. Are we gonna talk about my book, or…

larry_king.jpgFat Freddie Fitzsimmons!

torre2.jpgWhat about him?

larry_king.jpgHe played baseball!

torre2.jpgYeah, um, I guess he did…

Two hours later.

larry_king.jpg…not as good as Zack Wheat, of course, but Jeff Pfeffer was a solid player. And his name was almost as hilarious!

torre2.jpgI’m in hell, aren’t I? I died and I went to hell for ratting out my former players.

larry_king.jpgOh no, Joe, this isn’t hell. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve prayed for death! You wanna see hell? This is hell!





AHHH!You know who’s a really good actress is that Debra WingerAHHH!