Holy Goddamn! 001 – The Gentle Scream of a Dying Tongue


Oh, you thought you could kill it, didn’t you? YOU CAN’T KILL IT! HOW CAN KILL DEATH ITSELF!

Of course, “death itself” in this case refers to Holy Goddamn!, the official Scratchbomb.com podcast, which makes its triumphant return to the interweb airwaves TODAY!

In episode 001, I speak on my current preoccupation with Food Competitions, and interview the proprietor of Winger’s, which will explain the presence of that horrid ad just above you. Plus, I spin some tunes (listed below for you completists), interspersed with some obscure sound clips that no one but me will remember or enjoy. Fun!

How can you get all this audio hotness? Well, you can play it in your web browser by clicking on the audio player below. If you want to subscribe to the podcast and you have iTunes, click here. Otherwise, you can click on the xml feed contained in the banner above your head or in the navigation bar just to your right. Or here, if you’re really lazy.

Oh, and you’re welcome.

Holy Goddamn 001 Selist:

Cupid Car Club, “Grape Juice Plus,” Cupid Car Club M.P. 7″
Minor Threat, “Salad Days,” Discograpy buy
Elijah and the Ebonites, “Hot Grits,” Eccentric Soul: The Capsoul Label (v/a)     buy
Jay Reatard, “All Over Again,” Singles 06/07 buy
Future of the Left, “Manchasm,” Last Night I Saved Her from Vampires buy
The Zombies, “Care of Cell 44,” Odessy & Oracle buy
The Hold Steady, “Slapped Actress,” Stay Positive buy