Texts Sent to Giants Stadium Security on Sunday

“Most N.F.L. stadiums now post telephone numbers for fans to send text messages to summon security personnel…By using text messages to summon security guards,
offended fans do not have to confront fellow spectators who may react
with verbal abuse or violence; they need not look obvious when seeking
ushers or guards.” — NY Times, 1/10/09

philly fan taunting me bout mets collapse even though i’m wearing a jeter jersey. help!

just saw guy in freddie mitchell jersey. srsly? wtf!

blinded by tom coughlin’s red red face

sitting in sec 127, clearly see mcnabb not harrassed all day. disgraceful.

cannot see field, too many yellow flags.

huge fat ass blocking like 90% of my view. oops, sorry, it’s andy reid.

puked into urinal, can’t flush it down. lil help?

pickin up weird sense of superiority and entitlement from philly fans. think apocalypse is upon us. repent!