Don’t Let the Door Hitcha Where the Good Lord Splitcha

I’m usually against the yahoo-ification of public discourse, particularly in the political realm. I hate that morons like Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity have lowered civic discussions to the level of barroom brawls. And I hate that whenever you go to any sporting event, before “The Star Spangled Banner” ends, you are sure to hear a few idiots yell FUCK YEAH! and USA! USA!

But I have to stand back and applaud some of the brave Americans attending today’s inauguration. For they saw our outgoing president emerge from his hidey hole, and they began to chant NA NA NA NA, NA NA NA NA, HEY HEY HEYYY, GOOOODBYYYYE!

I have to admit, I got a little teary. I am so proud to be an American right now…

And if someone could YouTube that crap, that would awesome.