Don’t Be Such a Big Shot–Share!

I’ve added a new capability to the Scratchbomb site. Viz, little icons at the bottom of each post that will allow you to share any post you like on the social networking site of your choice. As long as your choice includes the 9 options I’ve chosen to feature.

I heartily encourage you to share/submit posts on this site elsewhere. I would submit them myself, but submitting posts from your own web site to Facebook, Fark, etc. seems like the height of lameness to me. Like nominating yourself for prom king, which I TOTALLY DID NOT DO.

So anyway, use these buttons, please. K THX!

P.S.: I’ve also made it so that each post’s tags and categories appear in the main index, because I didn’t necessarily want to make you click through to see all of my hilarious tomfoolery. Yes, you’re welcome.