Bumpety Bump: Holy Goddamn! 001


The exciting podcast news probably got lost yesterday, what with the excitement over the inauguration and me effin’ up the audio, but Holy Goddamn has officially resumed! Yes, believe it!

What will you hear in the debut episode? Oh, what won’t you hear!

Well, you won’t hear lots of stuff. But you WILL hear me pontificate on the evils of Food Competitions and interview the proprietor of Winger’s, who will explain the presence of that horrible, horrible banner ad you see above.

Plus there’s some tunes and some soundbites from sources both obscure and arcane.

How can you get it? Well, you can subscribe to it via iTunes with just one click here. If you’re old school, the straight-up feed is located here. Or you can go back to the original post and play it in the web browser of your choice via the handy-dandy Flash player.

My aim is to make this podcast as regular as humanly possible. Given the whole “having a kid” thing, “as regular as humanly possible” probably = biweekly. But I’ve got exciting plans for future episodes already, so KEEP WATCHING THE SKIES!